1. Most of the people know about the business listing websites on which different businesses are listed which either don’t have their presence online on the Internet or want to promote their business more on the Internet. But do you know what are classifieds?

Classifieds are also some type of advertisements that we see in the newspapers that are used to advertise or promote the businesses. Just like there is a classifieds section in the newspapers to let the readers know about the businesses in their area, classified submission websites also do the same work but in a different manner. Classified submission is a procedure where you are making the world / or a specific area aware of your business and services. Classified submission is a part of off-page SEO which is used to promote businesses locally as well as nationally. Classified submission sites are those websites that allow businesses to submit their classifieds, simply called advertisements to them to get them listed on their website. Since off-page SEO is also important as that of on-page SEO, business websites should definitely perform this activity which is called classified submission. Classifieds of a business website allows the business to promote themselves and reach more number of users. Just like business listing websites, that are generally reputed and are ranked higher in search results, classified submission sites are also well known on the Internet and have a huge audience. Having a huge audience browsing through the classified submission site and browsing through your classified would help your business to increase the number of customers. If your business has a website that needs to rank higher in the search results, then submitting the classifieds of your business on classified submission websites would help in increasing the backlinks to your website. Classified submission sites are generally used to improve the SEO of the website. Just doing the SEO of your website, is not enough. If you want more users to visit your website, then you should try all the possible techniques excluding SEO which would help you to promote your website online more. There are multiple classified submission sites available online on the Internet. So, out of multiple websites that have the same purpose, is it possible to choose the best one?

Of course, to get the best and reliable classified submission site, just make sure that the classified submission site that you choose follows the below-given criteria:

1. Alexa Rank: This website ranks the websites present on the Internet on the basis of various factors such as a number of users using the website, search results ranking, backlinks, etc. This website is used globally to check the rank of websites. Generally, the website with a lower rank (single-digit rank) ranks good on the Internet. So, make sure that you check the Alexa rank of the classified submission site that you are going to choose. If its Alexa rank is lower, then choose that website.

2. Page Authority: Page Authority is a metric that is developed by a company called as SEO Moz to predict the ability of a specific page to rank in search engines. Higher Page Authority score indicates that the website has the potential to rank higher in search results. Page Authority score is generally between 0 and 100 with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest. Hence, choose a classified submission site that has a good Page Authority score.

3. Domain Authority: Domain Authority determines whether the content of the website is relevant to the specific field to which the website belongs. If the content of the website relates to its field in a good manner, then that website would have a good Domain Authority score. Domain Authority score is also in between 0 and 100 with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

Benefits of classifieds to SEO:

1. Awareness: Listing the classifieds of your business on classified submission sites would enable you to bring awareness about your brand among the people using the Internet. Once your brand gets popular among the users and if users like your brand then would also refer your brand to other people which will, in turn, allow more users to explore your brand.

2. Backlinks: Listing a reference such as hyperlink of your business website on the classified submission site would not only divert the users to your website but would also help your business website to gain ranking in search results as the number of external references of your website determines that ranking in search results.

Procedure to submit advertisements on classified submission websites:

1. First, which is the most important step is to select the best-classified submission website to list your business’ advertisements based on the above criteria.
2. Click on ‘Post a free AD’ and then fill the form that will appear.
3. Select a category under which you want to list your business’ advertisement.
4. Now select the location in which you would like to focus most of the promotion of your business’ advertisements.
5. Now fill the required contact and other necessary information such as contact number, email address, name, description of classified, etc.
6. Then click on submit to list your ad on their website. It might take some time for them to list your ad on their websites.

Following are some of the best free classified submission websites available in United States of America (USA):

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4) http://www.mustdial.com/
4) http://www.10directory.com
5) http://www.the-web-directory.co.uk
6) http://www.pr3plus.com
7) http://www.bestfreewebsites.net

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