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Self-recuperating cutting mats in the UK to safeguard work areas and working surfaces from being harmed. Gridded advisers for help with accuracy cutting. Little, medium, enormous, and extra-huge sizes of cutting mats in the UK are accessible from brands like Jakar, Unique, Ecobra, and our own ARTdiscount own image. You will likewise find specialists who make blades and surgical tools in this assortment.

Driving UK Supplier of Self Healing Cutting Mats

Searching for a self-mending cutting mat that will keep going for quite a long time, and shield your work surface and instruments from harm? Rhino has gone through the north of 15 years fostering the most sturdy and adaptable self-recuperating cutting mats in the UK available. Every one of our cutting mats is uniquely intended to give an enduring surface you to use in your studio or modern space, furnishing you with a specialty cutting mat arrangement that is both reasonable and viable over an extensive stretch of time.

Why Self Healing?

Our cutting mats in the UK are all self-mending. Self-recuperating cuttings mats keep going for a really long time whenever utilized accurately, and less expensive choices will demonstrate a bogus economy over the long haul. A self-recuperating mat will likewise build the life expectancy of your cutting instruments or cutting machines, giving a further expense savings. Self-mending cutting mats give straighter cuts, as the cutting apparatus edge won’t slip into the forests of past cuts.

Three Cutting Mat Ranges, Which Is Best For You?

Green Self Healing Cutting Mats in the UK

For little side interest projects, our Rhino Green Cutting Mat is awesome. Broadly utilized in a large group of various conditions from schools to create universities, the Green Cutting Mat is normally self-mending, reasonable and lightweight, making it wonderful as a compact choice to use as a rotating cutting mat.

Clear Self Healing Cutting Mats in the UK

At 5mm thick, the Rhino SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mat is fit for practically all modern circumstances from laminator tables to food arrangements. Its unmistakable properties pursue it an extraordinary decision where light from under is required. Extraordinary for level bed laminator/roller tables, these make an incredible cutting mat for printers and sign creators. Produced using a generally delicate, light material, it self-mends perfectly and stays looking perfect for a really long time.

Hardcore Self Healing Cutting Mats in the UK

The hardest, most strong surface assurance choice in our reach is the Rhino Heavy Duty Cutting Mat. At 4.5mm thick, it is barely more slender than our SupaSeal Clear cutting mat, yet it is produced using harder material and gives the best insurance of all. This is an incredible cutting mat for auto organizations, pressing providers, 3PL organizations, or for practically any modern application where a top-notch workbench surface insurance mat is required.

Enormous, Small, and Custom Size Cutting Mat Options

In the event that a little cutting mat is required, the Green Cutting Mats range is your most ideal choice. Green Cutting Mats in the UK are accessible in A4 (297x210mm), A3 (420x297mm), A2 (594x420mm), A1 (841x594mm), and A0 (1189x841mm). Green Cutting mats are likewise accessible in a huge size of 2000x1000mm, or, in all likelihood, they can be sliced to a custom size.

For a bigger cutting mat, attempt our Heavy-Duty Cutting Mats, accessible in huge sizes from 600x800mm to 3657x1828mm (12′ x 6′), with a lot of in the middle between, and a uniquely cut size choice as well.

Or on the other hand for the biggest cutting mat choices, and for long workbench cutting mats, attempt our extra-huge SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mats, accessible in 5 widths (1 meter to 2.2 meters), and slice to custom lengths up to 20 meters in length! Accessible in standard pre-sliced lengths from 1 meter to 6 meters.

Workbench Protection Mats

Our Heavy Duty and SupaSeal Cutting mats in the UK likewise make extraordinary workbench assurance. The Heavy Duty mats are the hardest, and in this way best for exceptionally substantial applications. The SupaSeal is perfect on the off chance that a reasonable workbench mat is required. The SupaSeal mats are intense yet are not exactly so hard-wearing as the Heavy Duty range. For more information see our page on workbench insurance mats. We likewise supply a scope of rock-solid workbenches, which you can join with any of our cutting mats for a total workbench arrangement.

Turning Cutting Mats in the UK and Rotary Cutting Tools

Assuming you utilize a revolving cutting instrument like the OLFA RTY-2/DX 45mm with your cutting mat, you will need to be certain that you’re picking the best cutting mat for rotational cutting devices.

Our Green Cutting Mats are the most ideal for turning cutting devices and revolving cutting machines and make a sublime rotating cutting mat.

Be that as it may, in the event that you want a bigger rotating cutting mat, the Heavy Duty Cutting Mats in the UK range is likewise appropriate for turning cutters – to cite one of our clients:

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