Agricultural Recruitment Agency1
  • July 29, 2022 11:17 am
  • Romania

Is your farmland in need of manpower?
AJEETS will recruit manpower for your agriculture department. Agriculture has been the greatest source of economy and survival. Despite trained farmers, excellent equipment, fertile soil, and subsidies, many farms require professional labor. However, farm earnings are relatively low due to low pricing at the farm gate. Young people are discouraged from entering the industry because of low pay, high land prices, and a scarcity of usable farmland. But we are only here to solve the issue by recruiting skilled and efficient manpower. AJEETS recruits for the posts like Fruit Peaker, Farm Labor, Farm Advisor, Farm Apprenticeship, Farm Director Jobs, Farm Driver Jobs / HGV Farm Driver Jobs, Farm Engineering and Mechanical Jobs, including Farm Technician Jobs, Farm Management posts, including CEO, CFO, MD and Operations, Farm Project Manager, etc. Our experts strive hard and select the best candidates for the agriculture department. AJEETS is one of the leading agriculture recruitment agencies and we are providing services across the globe. We are now recruiting for the countries of Europe like Germany, the UK, Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Ireland, Malta, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc. AJEETS experts recruit the best candidates Nepal. We provide cost-effective and efficient services as one of the leading agriculture recruitment agencies. Take advantage of our top-of-the-line services!
Contact US
AJEETs Management & Manpower Consultancy
Slesh Mantak Marg, Sinamangal-9,
Panchakumari Mandir, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email ID: [email protected] , [email protected]
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