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About A Level Business syllabus

The Cambridge A Level Business syllabus is intended to enable understudies to explain and understand the business world around them. This exceptionally valued qualification will prove both understudies’ understanding of key theoretical standards and practical abilities helpful openly and private business contexts.

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The Cambridge A Level Business Studies syllabus enables understudies to progress on to a Degree at college.

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Assessments of A Level

Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments and summative tests.

Homework of A Level Courses

Homework will be given at the finish of each week, usually as problems to solve, researching key concepts.

Reporting of A Level Courses

Parents have 24/7 access to all of their kids’ coursework. Additionally, the school holds 3 parent consultations each year – one each term.

Course Outline of A Level Courses

The course will follow the ongoing Cambridge Assessment International Exam (CAIE) 9609 specifications.
The course will be based on the textbooks recommended for the CAIE A Levels.

This specification is very much regarded among colleges and colleges as it are balanced allowing learners to have a grasp of key topics giving a firm basis from which to springboard into A-level and beyond.

Practical Sessions of A Level Courses

CAIE are amongst the top awarding bodies for science education throughout the world

Cambridge trust that in the event that you wish to embark on a career in the logical business, good practical abilities are an unquestionable necessity and many colleges demand that practical abilities have been assessed during examinations as well as theoretical abilities. Proof of practical science abilities will also guarantee that you are in the most ideal position to apply to the most recognized of institutions and improve your career opportunities.

Concentrate on Online Cambridge provides the facility of class tests at our own campus. It gives understudies direct insight of physical phenomena. Similarly as important, they allow understudies to practice being researchers: examining, developing hypotheses, planning tests, anticipating outcomes and getting back to new hypotheses and more examinations. They develop their powers of observation, thinking and problem-solving. Active learning follows the adage ‘hear and forget, see and recollect, do and understand’.

Or understudies can opt Alternative to Practical, rather than the Practical Test Cambridge International anticipate that educators should install practical strategies and investigative work into their teaching. Understudies are supposed to be familiar with a critical arrangement of practical during their course of study. To support this the course provides full guidance for a set number of experimental investigations that can be carried out freely, with minimal hardware. Such trials however MUST be regulated and performed in an appropriate laboratory setting. We guarantee that this can be complied to give understudies the most ideal preparation for their examinations. Guidance on hardware and safety can be found inside the syllabus specification. In the event that for any reason it isn’t possible for an understudy to do experimental work then alternative activities are provided inside the course.

CAIE Examinations of A Level Courses

Parents are responsible for arranging their kid’s examinations at their local CAIE enlisted examination place or with our school for sitting their composed and practical examinations as we are enrolled with Cambridge international examinations. Review Cambridge-Online understudies’ review from all aspects of the globe and so it isn’t practical for the school to offer a solitary scene to sit examinations.

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